Princess Anne will be undertaking a visit to Canada later this month and her engagements will all be military based, it is being reported. The visit will commence on the 22nd October and finish on the 25th October. - See more at:

Operation TRILLIUM RESPONSE is the name for 4th Canadian Division/Joint Task Force Central’s field training exercise, aimed at exercising Defence of Canada operations during the winter. The exercise will be conducted from February 13 to 21, 2016.

Approximately 900 Canadian Army soldiers, members of the Regular and Reserve Force and personnel from the Royal Canadian Air Force, will participate in Trillium Response 2016. The Operation we see the soldiers working closely with over 100 members of the Canadian Rangers during seven days of training in 13 communities across Northern Ontario.

The Operation will put the training and equipment of the soldiers of 4th Canadian Division to the test, challenging them to both support a large number of personnel spread across a wide geographic area and to work in an austere environment with temperatures routinely reaching below -40 degrees C. The goal of the field training Operation is to enhance the skills of 4th Canadian Division personnel while strengthening relationships with the Canadian Rangers and other government partners. This kind of cooperation is essential to set the stage for success in the eventuality of any requirement to deploy the Canadian Army domestically to respond to a disaster or other request for assistance, in Northern Ontario.

Being able to operate in winter conditions within Canada is directly identified in the first of the six core missions within the Canada First Defence Strategy.

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